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Vape Accessories

Vape accessories are not just about changing the look of your e-cig. In this category is everything from e-cig mouthpieces, to vape battery chargers and cotton and wire for building your own coils. There is a massive selection of vape accessories available and at Totally Wicked they are all the highest possible quality.


When you first unbox your e-cig you may not realise that there are certain things on your vape pen that can be changed.

There is a massive selection of vape accessories available, mouthpieces are the most common as they are quick and easy to change and can alter the style of your e-cig.

Chargers can come in the form of a simple USB cable, to the latest USB C charging lead. Also, we stock a range of dedicated battery chargers that will house removable rechargeable vape batteries. Anything with an LCD screen is especially popular at the moment, as you can see at a glance how the batteries are charging.

Not all vaping accessories are for aesthetics. Some are extremely important for safety. Let’s take a look at one of these, battery sleeves and storage.


If you have an integrated e-cig battery, it is already stored safely in your e-cig. Don’t expose your e-cig to extremes of temperature, don’t attempt to remove the battery and if damage occurs to your vape mod then be safe and replace it. You can protect some vape mods by adding a silicone case.

Removable e-cig batteries are a highly charged electrical item that can react violently if damaged or treated poorly. Lithium-Ion batteries are safely used in literally millions of devices every day. However, there are some risks associated with such high energy devices that vapers should be aware of.

Batteries shouldn’t have damage to their cases, should never have contact with water, also avoid short-circuits and over-charging. These things can present a fire risk.

Although many Lithium-Ion batteries have “protection”, the following cautions are still relevant, as the protection circuit is a potential safety mechanism rather than something absolute.

If you have an external battery and you need to store it outside of your e-cig, remember to use an appropriate vaping accessory such as a battery case or vape battery sleeve to stop any damage to the cell.

DO NOT store your removable batteries loose in your pocket or bag. In fact, do not store them loose anywhere. If they come into contact with anything metal e.g. keys, phone, money, they can and in some cases do, vent. The last thing you want is a battery violently venting in your pocket!


Choosing your vape battery is not the only thing to consider, you also have to choose the right e-cig battery charger.

It is important that you only buy a battery charger from a reputable vendor, that is specifically designed for e-cig batteries.

If you have an integrated vape battery, this is a battery that cannot be removed from your vape mod, then it will be charge using an onboard USB port and will come supplied with a suitable USB charging cable.

If you have a removeable vape battery mod, this is a vape mod where the battery can be removed, there are a few ways to charge this. It can be charged using a USB port on the e-cig, but this is not usually recommended, especially if there is more than one battery. It is advisable to use an external e-cig battery charger so the batteries charge at the same rate and are never over charged. Using this method the batteries are removed from the e-cig and put into a charger.



Most e-cigs have a removeable mouthpiece. These are also known as drip tips. Vape mouthpieces are not only an essential part of your device, they come in a wide variety of styles and colours.

You can personalise your vape so your e-cig looks different by picking a bright or colourful mouthpiece, or choose a different pattern. These are a great way to express your style and personality without altering a major piece of your vape kit.

They can also be used to alter your vaping experience. If you choose a wider mouthpiece you can get much more vapour from your vape tank, especially if you are using sub-ohm coils and higher powers. If you go for a narrower mouthpiece you might find you get a slightly better e-liquid flavour experience.

Also consider material of the mouthpiece, some people may not like a plastic mouthpiece so want to go for a different material, you need to pick what is comfortable enough for you to vape all day.



This is a section for vapers who build their own coils for their rebuildable tank, RDA, dripper or RDTA.

A coil is thin wire that can be manipulated into a coil shape. When you press your button, it provides power to the coil. This then converts that energy to heat. When you start building your own DIY coils you will notice that they sometimes glow red when you are pressing your button. They vapourise e-liquid from the saturated wicking material.

Wicking material is absorbent material that surrounds or is inserted through the coil. It is usually natural cotton. E-liquid is naturally drawn towards the coil from the tank by “capillary action” (basically, it sucks it up).

Building your own vape coils can be much more cost effective in the long run. But it takes the right vape tank, the right cotton and wire, knowledge and patience. You will need to have an advanced knowledge of vaping, including the correct settings to use, all about vape coil resistance and ohms law.