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PAXSmart™ Delivers Breakthrough Safety, Transparency and Control

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif — January 6, 2020 — Today PAX Labs is unveiling its new Era Pro™, the world’s most sophisticated cannabis vaporizer device. Built with safety at its core, the Era Pro puts transparency and control directly into the hands of consumers, setting the gold standard for quality and delivering the best experience every single time.

Smartest Vape Technology

Era Pro builds on classic Era excellence, like on-demand draw and closed loop temperature control, with next-gen features including haptic vibration, longer battery life and 50% improved Bluetooth range. But new PAXSmart™ technology is where the magic happens, introducing NFC-enabled pods that work seamlessly with Era Pro to take the guesswork out of cannabis. PAXSmart™ automates the vape experience, and is designed to work with or without the PAX® Mobile App, currently available on Android.

“Our customers want a premium cannabis experience, so we’ve reimagined the Era from the inside out to offer a first-of-its-kind device that really delivers on that,” said Jesse Silver, PAX’s Senior Vice President of Product. “We have taken an obsessive eye to even the smallest of details — like dual pressure sensors or heating coils custom smelted in Sweden — to provide increased safety, access to information and an intuitive, smart experience that elevates the entire cannabis vape category.”

Refined Industrial Design

Sleek, elegant and discreet, Era Pro is available in four sophisticated colors, including Black, Grey, Jade, and Red. Premium craftsmanship and a stylish aesthetic elevate the vaporization experience, with a luxe anodized aluminum shell, laser-cut side slits for improved airflow and a chamfered end cap for smooth pocketability, ensuring maximum portability.

Temperature Perfection

ExpertTemp™ automatically adjusts each pod to the optimal temperature, set by our extraction partners, for each specific cannabis oil. Whether a lower temperature for maximum flavor or a higher one for more vapor is preferred, consumers can modify the temperature, set it and forget it. PAXSmart™ pods remember the selected temperature for all future sessions. Sophisticated sensors measure temperature many times a second, delivering consistent heat for the smoothest draw — whether in the snow or the sun.

Access to Information

Paired with a PAXSmart™-enabled pod, PodID™ provides unprecedented information in an instant, including oil content, strain information and potency, flavor profiles, producer information and state-regulated test results — empowering people to consume with confidence. Taking it a step further, PodExplore offers curated content directly from PAX’s extraction partners, illustrating the oil’s origin story straight from the source.

Dose Control*

Every person, pod and session are different. So we’ve added technology that measures variables to allow consumers to better understand, personalize and control their sessions. With new Dose Control, we don’t just time the draw, but actually measure the energy used to produce vapor, allowing consumers to choose their desired dose and receive haptic feedback when complete. Now, with PAXSmart™, Era Pro pods remembers consumer preferences for all future sessions.

*Dose Control limits ingestion, allowing users to better understand their tolerances and manage consumption. It does not recommend or ensure ingestion of specific quantities.

Unprecedented Safety Measures

Era Pro comes with a built-in lockout feature to offer control over who is using the device, and when. Manufactured at ISO-certified facilities that adhere to cGMP and is compliant with CE, FCC, IC, BT SIG, RoHS, CONEG and WEEE standards. We are in the process of obtaining UL 8139 certification, the most stringent electrical safety standard available. Era Pro’s closed-loop system offers a wide variety of high quality oils, extracted by partners selected after careful diligence, and tested for purity in state regulated labs.

Pricing and Availability

Priced at $69.99, Era Pro is available for purchase beginning today on and at licensed retailers in legal states where PAX products are sold for those 21 and over.

Welcome to a New Era™.


Included in the box are:


  • PAX 3
  • One magnetic charging cradle with USB cord that plugs into your computer
  • Two interchangeable mouthpieces: one flat, already fitted with the device, and one raised
  • Two interchangeable oven lids: one standard already fitted on the device, and one half pack oven lid, for a smaller oven load
  • A concentrate insert for the oven, for extract compatibility
  • Three extra oven screens
  • A keychain multi-tool, for packing and filling the oven and removing the mouthpiece
  • A PAX maintenance kit with pipe cleaners and a wire brush for deep cleaning


  • The PAX 2

Included in the box are:

  • The PAX 2
  • Two silicone mouthpieces – a flat one, flush with the top of the device, and one raised option
  • One magnetic charging cradle with USB cord
  • PAX 2 cleaning kit with pipe cleaners


We believe design, precision and quality are important in creating the best vapor experiences. At this time, empty pods are only sold to fillers in select states.

PAX Era pods are meant to be disposed of once empty. Attempting to refill Era pods will cause leaking and may cause damage to your device not covered under the 1 Year Ltd Warranty.