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The AIRVAPE OM VAPORIZER is the most amazing invention of vape market that make your vaping
experience more attractive. The most Creational oil concentrate VAPORIZER. Well up grade new
designed look. It contains dry herb compatibility.
This AIRVAPE OM is 4.30 inches tall with 0.05 inches width. This vaping device is amazing comfortable
easy to carry while you are traveling or anywhere else. It’s made of leather and metal. Moreover light
weight. Amazing feature make your vaping experience more relaxing and enjoyable. It’s keyring allow
you to relief the stress of stealing.
• Long battery timing
• 510 versatility
• Protective cover cap
• Magnetic cartridge
• High- quality leather finish
• Portable VAPORIZER with key chain
• Not for e- juices.
• Quick heating
• 350 mAh rechargeable battery
• Weight1.6 oz
• Measurements: 4.5 L 5W
• 3 changeable voltage
• Easy to use
• Metal and leather body
Voltage setting:-
• White light
White light represent low voltage2.4
• Blue light
Blue light for medium voltage3.2
• Red light
Red light for highest voltage 4.0
How to use:-
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Anyone can use young, old beginner or expect can use without any difficulty. It is easy to load, and
maintain. The device has just one button which is located at it’s top that use to turn on More over well
adjust it’s voltage.
• Before using this burn off VAPORIZER to remove unwanted residues.
• It’s very simple to use firstly do turn on then set it to highest voltage and allow for 10 minutes.
• After that turn off now you vape pen is ready to use.
• Now click the single button that is in top of the device press this 5 times.
• After choosing the voltage hold the same button for few seconds to activate the heating process.
It’s easy to clean you can do it every week. You can use this as
• Sticky residue
You inhale pure flavorful vapors. For cleaning just remove the metal cap to expose the heating chamber
when you need to clean.
You can contact us very easily through text and there is a great option of is available where you can get
all information about are product. You can also send us email. Online vape shop have cheapest prices.
Use as your own desire.
Your safety are priority. Feel free to contact with us and the information must be confidential. Reassure
the security and safety. No third party involves.
• Quick delivery
• Worldwide service

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