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Why we should use the Pod system

Why You Should Use a Pod System

Pod Systems have been a relatively new introduction to the vaping scene. With the introduction of nicotine salts, pod systems have been great mediums for nicotine delivery. Usually diminutive in size, many pod systems are pen-style or fit neatly into the palm of the hand, increasing their portability over box mods. Box Mods have had a long reign within the industry, dominating much of the usage in vaping in recent years.the most compatible Juul pods or advantages of Juul Pods However, with their heavy weights and necessary auxiliary equipment like spare batteries, juice bottles, and chargers, box mods are losing popularity with the on-the-go vaper.

Pod Systems can be characterized by the usage of a refillable pod over the battery, hence the name. However, a lot of pod systems are small in size, use integrated batteries, and have smaller coils, allowing them to be used with nicotine salts safely. This portable size is enticing to many users who are sick of the heavily weighted box mods and accessories that must go along with them especially if vaping is an all-day thing. Pod Systems, when paired with nicotine salts deliver nicotine better than box mods thanks to the molecular structure of nicotine salts, find out more in the blog post of Freebase vs Nicotine Salts.

Pod systems benefit over box mods as they usually have integrated batteries. Sure, there are box mods that utilize integrated batteries as well, but they tend to drain fast due to the pairing with a sub-ohm tank, requiring much more power to fire the larger coil. In addition, recharging an integrated box mod takes much more time, resulting in longer downtime after the battery has been drained. Integrated battery pod systems, however, take at most an hour for a full charge, returning the ability to produce satisfying vapor within minutes versus an hour or more of recharge time. Some pod systems do utilize replaceable batteries, but usually require only a single battery that lasts the entire day, unless in the hands of a frequent vaper. However, only a single replacement battery is needed unlike most box mods which require two extra batteries, significantly cutting down the weight of extra equipment that needs to be brought around.

Thanks to the lack of necessary equipment, they are much easier to conceal and bring about when traveling, usually only needing nicotine salt e-liquid, a USB cable, and potentially spare coils, depending on the length of stay or destination. Lacking the bulky size of traditional box mods, pod systems can be carried in the purse, pocket, or backpack, making them great for hiking or light traveling, as they can accompany you nearly anywhere with a negligible unnoticed weight. Although the vapor output is less than a box mod, nicotine salts deliver higher nicotine concentrations than box mods in a more discrete fashion.

When talking about box mods and pod systems and nicotine delivery, pod systems are the more versatile option. With the ability to use both nicotine salts and freebase eJuice, pod systems are great for beginner vapers and high nicotine users, as the output is wispy compared to box mods with sub-ohm tanks. Box mods on the other hand, cannot utilize nicotine salts as the larger coil will create big clouds of densely laden nicotine, in much higher concentrations, making the user feel nauseated or possibly throwing up due to the concentration of nicotine produced. That is why nicotine salt concentrations start at 20mg and go up to 60mg, while freebase eJuice is usually found in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg concentrations.

Highly attractive to those that are on-the-go or are beginners to vaping, pod systems are usually sleek in construction and are not bulky or complex, allowing them to be intuitively used by those that do not have an intimate grasp of knowledge on vaping. Simply load the refillable pod with eJuice, let it settle like a sub-ohm tank’s coil, and one can start vaping.

Box mods are versatile in the sense that some offer features like adjustable wattage or mechanisms like temperature control, but pod systems are not far behind. Recently, manufacturers have been loading pod systems with similar features, allowing users to tailor the lower output to their personal preferences. You can find out more about these advanced pod systems in our blog post, Types of Pod Systems.

When looking at pod systems and box mods from a pricing standpoint, pod systems are the more intuitive choice, offering a vaping system at a lower price point. Even with the improvements being made in the pod system sector, the most expensive advanced pod system would cost around the same price as a low end box mod. Of course there are exceptions of expensive pod systems, like the Dotmod DotAIO Pod System, an ultra luxurious pod system, box mods are generally more expensive than their pod system counterparts.

If you think pod systems are for you, please check out our full range of pod systems. If you’re firmly into using box mods, we have a great selection of starter kits available. Many vapers will actually have both box mods or pod systems within their repertoire for different situations. Feel free to contact our helpful customer service team for more information regarding the differences between pod systems and box mods. Enjoy the best

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